Venus role in love and marriage is a very curious thing. To continue with this topic, let’s have a look at what is Venus?

Venus is the most bright planet after the Sun and the Moon. This planet express and stands what is beautiful and soft in astrology, even more, that is a planet for arts and sophistication. It is the destiny of those who born under the Taurus and Libra Zodiac signs. In Zodiac, Pisces is its exaltation sign and Virgo is the debilitation sign. Venus is a mysterious planet. The natives in Venus dominant in their chart are sparkling eyes and oval or round face. They pose wondering eyes and denoting their desire. They also have melodious voices and loves poetry, music, wines, female company. Love plays a key role in the life of the natives.

Planet Venus is playing and creating the sentiment of love in humans and its success in marriage. Venus’s position in the horoscope its house and sign, strength as well as conjunction or aspect of other planets are very important for male and female both chart. The same nativity for a female is Mars. When Venus is the main key for sexual aspiration to rise in male, similarly the role of Mars in a female is the same.Venus Role in Love & Marriage

Venus Role in different signs and houses mainly in the love and marriage is being discussed below:

  1. Venus Role in Aries: Native is impulsive in the field of sex and does acts as may be even prohibited.
  2. Venus Role in Taurus: Person is found of the opposite sex and is much liked by them.
  3. Venus Role in Gemini: This type of natives has more than one marriage also, in any case, more than one love affair.
  4. Venus Role in Cancer: The nature of the native may incline towards woman and wine. Without bothering opposite satisfaction.
  5. Venus Role in Virgo: This type of native may be a perverted mental disorder. He reflects his sex through unnatural means.
  6. Venus Role in Libra: Such a native are very gentle and soft-minded and things more before committing the actual work.
  7. Venus Role in Scorpio: A type of natives may addict to liquor or any type of wines to satisfy himself in the sexual field. May acts crudely in love evenly.
  8. Venus Role in Sagittarius: A type of natives, even more, have some secret love since long times and even some mysterious affairs as their wedded wife at the home.
  9. Venus Role in Capricorn: A type of natives always try to have some female company. They spoil their health enjoying with the opposite sex even worldly sense is active.
  10. Venus Role in Aquarius: A native generally dry in their approach towards opposite sex. They treat sex as a first act to produce progeny.
  11. Venus in Pieces: Such a native generally tends to go frigid or impotent at the most situation and also fall breakdown mentally.


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