Saturn’s Sade Sati appears to our mind as a “dreadful word”. Lots of misconceptions about the term “Sade-Sati” are going around. On learning, it affects our nervous to pulverize.

We know that, when in transit Saturn reaches the native’s 12th house/sign from the moon called Jamna Rashi. This period starts and continues up to Saturn’s stay in the 1st and 2nd house (from the moon sign). Saturn covers the zodiac or janma kundli in 30 years and each sign it remains approximately two and half years. “Sade- Sati” that means it takes seven and half years, Saturn’s position on the 12th house from moon sign to 2nd house.

Saturn’s stay on the 12th house, first affect eyes (Dristi), second two & half years period affects stomach (Bhoga) and the last two & half year affect feet (Paad).

Saturn's Sade SatiOn transit, when Saturn moved to the 4th and 8th house from the moon sign or rashi, this 2.5 years on each house is called “Dhaiyya”.

Generally, three Sade Saati can come in a native lifespan. It is called a dangerous, but entire “Sade-Sati” period may not be inauspicious. However, if Saturn is well placed in a natal chart but weak in transit, an effect of the result is partially good. But if Saturn is weak both in natal and transit the end result will be fully bad and unfavourable.

Effect of Saturn’s Sade Sati on janma rashi on moon sign:

  • ARIES: Generally affects middle
  • TAURUS: starting time effects the native.
  • GEMINI: Effects the end of the time.
  • CANCER: Effects middle time and end time.
  • LEO: Stating and middle effects the native.
  • VIRGO: Starting time inauspicious.
  • LIBRA: End of the “Sade-Sati” inauspicious.
  • SCORPIO: Middle time and end time affects the persons.
  • SAGITTARIUS: Beginning and middle time inauspicious.
  • CAPRICORN: Starting and middle time effects.
  • AQUARIUS: Entire Period that is, 7.5 years inauspicious.
  • PISCES: Last / End time affects the person.

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