What is face reading? ( Written By Best Face Reading Consultant in Kolkata ) Dr. Jayanta Goswami

Best Face Reading Consultant in Kolkata

Essentially, face reading is the art of divining something about a person’s characters or health simply by looking at his/ her face. We all face read and have done so since we were born. We have stored in our memory banks a library of faces and characters all matched up. Initially this was an essential tool to help protect us from potential predators but later we naturally developed it into a powerful tool to help us in all kinds of social interactions.

Much of this facial analysis happens subconsciously. You could be introduced to someone at a party and your mind might notice that his mouth is similar to another man that you know. Without realizing it you will instinctively make initial assumption about this person based in your previous experience of the man with a similar mouth.

The reason we choose to do this with faces is that they are the most expose part of our bodies and the most revealing. Not only does the face have five distinct features- its shape, eyebrows, eyes and mouth, are highly mobile features giving out a huge amount of information about the person behind the face. In addition, the checks change color according to the immediate emotions in a pale- skinned person.

The art of face reading takes something we do intuitively and brings what we know up to our conscious mind so we can read faces with some consistency whenever we want. This could be applied to character readings or to gain an insight into our own or other people’s states of health.

Face reading is a powerful tool and needs to be used wisely, with respect for other people’s feelings and with an understanding of the implications of applying it.