What is astrology? ( Written By the Best Astrologer in North Kolkata) Dr. Jayanta Goswami

Best Astrologer in North Kolkata

Planets as they move on in the 12 houses of Zodiac, over the track of the 27 stars, have a bearing on living and nonliving existing in earth. This bearing, the cosmic influence, good or bad, translated through a time frame, well analyzed and well said, and well in advance is called Astrology.

It is the divine science deals with the inter- relation of the signs of the zodiac, the constellations, planets that creates a celestial phenomenon which controls and direct every happenings on earth, be it living or non- living.

Of the birth according to birth time, according to longitude and latitude of a place. Lagna is formed. The lagna this formed is taken as first house, the other houses are calculated and the planetary positions are fixed in the Rasi chart. Then a prediction is made on the characteristic of the 12 housed and the planets connected with them.

The 1st house tells about the Himself, Native, the 2nd house about his speech, dhana, family, 3rd house younger brother, 4th house about education, mother, vehicle, 5th house about children, 6th house Debt, disease, 7th house life partner, 8th house about Danger, Difficulties, 9th house is about, Higher education, father, fate, guru 10th house is about Service, Honor, 11th house is about Prosperity, Gain, Big brother, 12th house is about loss, bed comforted etc.

Every rasi, each one of them has a different type of nature and characteristics, well defined and established, like odd, even, fiery, earthy, airy and watery. Two legged, four legged, multi legged, and human sign, animal sign, barren sign, cruel sign, dull natured sign, sathwa sign and so on.

An individual’s horoscope does contain the information that may enable an astrologer to forecast the exact period in which that opportunity is likely to present itself. And this is the wonderful and useful aspects of astrology.

Astrology is very different from occultism. In occultism, a study of the horoscope or the knowledge of the star is not essential. Astrology, on the other hand, makes a precise study of the position and the inter-relationship of the stars and the planets on the basis of which an astrologer offers predictions.

The difference b/w Indian and Western astrology is that the Indian system tries to explain events, good or bad, best on past actions (karmas) of an individual’s, while the western system focuses its attention mainly on character analysis and self- improvement of the native.

Astrology contains predictive i.e. drawing up and reading of an individuals’ birth chart or horoscope. And medical astrology helps to predicts different types of diseases in human beings.